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We make managed laundry service simple, convenient, and reliable for companies with uniform & laundry needs.

Our mission is to enable any business with laundry service requirements to experience the same online ease as when they’re ordering food or scheduling a ride.

With just a few clicks our customers can schedule, track & manage their service from anywhere, anytime. It’s power at your fingertips.


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Red Kap® ZeroSkratch Leather Belt AB12
$28.00 - $57.40
This thoughtful leather belt keeps your pants looking snug and fit while also protecting the delicate surfaces you work near. With no metal clasp, this 100% leather belt won’t scratch or ruin the surfaces you come in contact with while you work. And it’s solid black color is perfect for both men and women. Keep things looking pristine without sacrificing your style.
Red Kap® Webbed Adjustable Belt AB14
There’s nothing more distracting than having your pants fall down while you’re busy at work. This unisex adjustable belt can not only keep your waistline where it belongs but it protects the vulnerable surfaces you work near and around every day. It might seem like a small detail, but you'll thank this scratchless, adjustable belt for protecting the new finish on that car you've been working on.